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A RESTful app created and designed from my passion for golf. This app allows the user to search for golf courses via the Yelp API and schedule a tee time that is saved in their personal login account.

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node Express, Sequelize & numerous other Node modules, and Yelp API (Yelp Fusion). Deployed on Heroku.


Full stack MERN app where users are able to look up restaurants by location and write up a packing list for their trip. This was made in collaboration fellow General Assembly developers Sweeney Arnett and Winston Summers.

Built with: MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Materialize. Deployed on Heroku.

Paint Logic

Redesign of Paint Logic's company website to be a single page site to present up-front information and services that are provided by Paint Logic. This redesign also enables the site to be responsive and mobile friendly. Built with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Built With: HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap


A Clone of the classic arcade game developed and published by Atari and was influenced by another Atari arcade classic Pong. Designed to give the user an experience of playing in an arcade.

Built with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CANVAS

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